How to Delete a Retweet

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In this instance, I am using Windows 10 PC, Android, and iPhone. Let us start.

What is a Retweet

A retweet is a repost of a Twitter user’s tweet. You can retweet a tweet of yours or others. Also, keep in mind that you can retweet with or without comment.

How to Retweet

Sign into Twitter on PC or open the Twitter app on Android or iPhone. Find the tweet you want to retweet.

Hit the “Retweet” icon which you can find between “Reply” and “Like” at the bottom of the tweet. Now, you can see two options: Retweet and Retweet with comment.

If you want to retweet without comment, then hit on the “Retweet.” You’ve retweeted.

If you want to retweet with the comment, then:

Hit on “Retweet with comment,” enter your comment, and then hit the “Retweet” button. You’ve retweeted with your comment.

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Delete a Retweet

Go to your profile. Find the retweet you want to remove. Hit the “Retweet” icon at the bottom of it and then hit on the “Undo Retweet” option.

Note: The steps to delete a tweet and retweet with comment are the same.

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