How to Restart (Reboot) Windows 10 PC

In this post, we will see the steps to restart Windows 10 computer manually. Let us begin.

Note: restart is also known as the reboot.

Restart Windows 10 PC

Method #1

Open the Start menu. Click on the Power icon.

Power icon showing options

Now, click on the Restart option to restart the PC.

Method #2

Press Alt + F4 (make sure you are on the desktop) and you can see Shut Down Windows pop-up.

In that pop-up, select the Restart option. Click on the Ok button to restart your computer.

Restart option is selected

Method #3

Press Windows key + X (or right-click on the Start button) to open the Power user menu.

Now, you can see Shut down or sign out. Hover your mouse over it, and you can see options.

Hovering mouse over Shut down or sign out showing options

Hit Restart.

Note: you can do this method via keyboard shortcut too, and here it is – press Windows + X + U + R key.

Method #4

Press Alt, Ctrl, and Delete keys at the same time, and then you can see the Windows Security screen.

There you can see the Power icon at the bottom right of the screen. Click on it. Choose Restart.

Method #5

Launch Command Prompt. Type shutdown /r and then press Enter key.

You can see a pop-up which states that the action is initiated, and your computer will get restarted in the next few seconds.

You can use the above command in the below programs too:

  • Task Manager (click on File > Run new task to use the command).

Method #6

Press Windows key + L, and you can see the lock screen. Click on it.

Now, you can see the Sign-in screen, where you can see the Power icon at the bottom. Click on it. Hit Restart.


When you click on the Power icon, you can see a menu, and that menu is the Power menu.

You can see the same menu in the Start menu, Windows Security screen, and Sign-in screen.

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