How to Reset Your WordPress Password

If you have forgotten your WordPress password, then you need to reset it.

In this post, we will see three different ways that will help you to do this task. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Reset WordPress Password

Method #1

Lost Your Password Method


Go to your WordPress login page.

Click on “Lost your password?” link.

Lost your password link

Provide your username or email address and then click on “Get New Password” button.

Get New Password button along with the email address

Go to the email address that is associated with your profile and then open the email you received from the WordPress. The email subject is like this: “[Your site name] Password Reset.”

Click on the link in the email.

The “New Password” field is filled with a password that is automatically generated by the WordPress for you.

If you are OK with the password, just click on “Reset Password” button. Else, just clear the auto-generated password, fill the field with the password you want and then hit “Reset Password” button.

Reset Password button along with the auto-generated password

That is all. Your password has been reset successfully. Click the “Log in” link to log in with your new password.

Login link on password reset successfull notification

Method #2


If for some reason “Lost Your Password” method did not work for you, then you try it out this way.

In this method, you can reset your password directly in the WordPress database using phpMyAdmin.


Go to your cPanel.

Find and click “phpMyAdmin.”

In the left side, you can see your WordPress database name. Click on it.

Now, you can see a list of tables beneath the database name on the left side; Click on “wp_users.”

Find the “Edit” link beside the user (you can see the username under the “user_login” column) whose password you want to reset.

Edit link beside the usernames

In the “Value” column of the “user_pass,” clear the existing one and then type your password (see the below screenshot). I suggest you to set the strong password.

After that, open the drop-down list in the “Function” column of the “user_pass” and choose “MD5.”

New password and MD5 is selected

Now, click on “Go” button at the bottom.

That is all. You have reset the password successfully.

Method #3

WordPress Toolkit

If you are a SiteGround customer, then you can use their WordPress tool to reset your password.


Go to your cPanel.

Find and click “WordPress Toolkit.”

WordPress Toolkit option

Click on “Manage” button beside the website name for which you want to reset the password.

There you can see many settings. Take a look at the first setting “Reset Admin Password” which you are going to use.

Click on “Reset Pass” button.

Reset Pass button

Choose the username for whom you want to reset password from the “Username” drop-down list.

Type your password in both the remaining fields. Make sure your password is “Very Strong” (Take a look at the “Strength” to know how strong your password is).

Click on “Continue” button.

Continue button along with the username and password

Now, you will see the popup showing everything went successfully.

Password reset successfull notification

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