How to Reset Google Chrome or Firefox

You can reset Chrome or Firefox at any time and here’s how you can do that on PC:

Google Chrome

Resetting Chrome will restore its default settings. Not only that, but it’ll also disable all extensions and clear temporary data such as cookies. However, it’ll keep bookmarks, history, and saved passwords.

With that said, let’s see the steps to do the reset.

Open Chrome.

Type “chrome://settings” (without double quotes) in the Address Bar and then press “Enter” key.

Scroll down until you see “Advanced.” Hit on it.

Now, scroll down until you see “Restore settings to their original defaults” option which you can find under “Reset and clean up” section. Hit it.

Restore settings to their original defaults option

In the popup, uncheck the “Help make Chrome better by reporting the current settings” if you don’t want to report your current settings to Chrome. Otherwise, leave it intact.

Hit “Reset settings” button.

Reset settings button in Chrome

That’s it. The Chrome will get reset.


Resetting Firefox will restore its default settings. Also, it’ll remove add-ons and customizations, and it’ll keep the cookies, browsing history, bookmarks, saved form history, saved passwords, other data, windows, and tabs.

With that said, here are the steps to reset:

Open Firefox.

In the Address Bar, type “about:support” (without double quotes) and then hit “Enter.”

Now, at the top-right of the screen, you can see the “Refresh Firefox” option. Hit it.

Refresh Firefox option

In the popup, click on “Refresh Firefox” button.

Refresh Firefox popup

That’s it. The Firefox will get reset.

Note: After reset, you can see the “Old Firefox Data” folder on your Desktop. You can delete it if you wish.

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