How to Remove Empty Folders on Android All at Once

You may see a lot of empty folders on the file manager of your handset. Manually cleaning all those folders from Android is a time consuming task.

Instead, you can remove it all using the simple way., Android apps.

Empty Folder Cleaner” app helps us to remove all empty folders from Android in a single click. Let’s check it out the steps to do this.

Remove Empty Folders on Android


  • Install and open app.
  • Select the first two options:
  • Show progress - shows which one is currently scanned by the app.

    Log deleted empty folders - shows which folder are get deleted.

  • Now, press the button “Delete Empty Folders” to remove empty folders all at once.

That’s it. The app will scan and delete empty folders from your internal storage and SD card.

Delete empty folders on android using empty folder cleaner

Here are a couple of things to note:

  • This will remove the hidden folders too if it is empty.
  • Only select the “Scan Android created folders” option when you want the app to scan and delete the empty folders on "Android" folder.
Scan Android created folders checked and empty folders got deleted
  • The .android_secure folder doesn't get deleted even though the app claims it is deleted (it may be because of the permission conflict). Other than that, this app works fine.

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How to Remove Empty Folders on Android All at Once

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