How to Remove Emergency Call Button from Android

Android devices come with the emergency call button. It appears on the lock screen if the screen lock is a pin, password or pattern. At emergency circumstances, you can use this dialer to call emergency numbers (For instance: 911).

It would be beneficial. But at the same time, there may be a possibility that anyone can use your phone’s emergency call screen (without unlocking device) or accidentally dialing to emergency numbers.

emergency call phone dialer in android

By default, there is no option available in Android to remove it from the lock screen. However, if you want to get rid of the emergency call button, then you can do it with the help of apps or modules on Android. Let’s get started.

Remove Emergency Call Button from Android Lock Screen

For Non-Rooted Devices

If you have a non-rooted Android device, then you have to use lock screen apps to remove it from the lock screen. You can install the CM Locker to remove the emergency button from the lock screen.

There are other alternatives are available which you can try.

For Rooted Devices

To take off emergency call button on rooted devices, there is no need to install any apps. we can achieve it with the help of Xposed installer and GravityBox module.

  • Install GravityBox for your Android version. You can download and install it from the Xposed installer by going to download section. Search for the GravityBox and install it.
  • After you installed, activate the GravityBox from modules section.
  • Reboot the phone.
  • Open the GravityBox and navigate to “Lockscreen tweaks” section.
  • Enable the “Disable emergency call button” option at the bottom.

gravity box - disable emergency call button

That’s it. Now, the emergency call button is successfully removed (disabled) from your Android lock screen.

remove emergency call button

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