How to Remotely Shutdown Android Phone with SMS or Call

You can remotely shutdown Android by sending SMS with secret code or by calling it from a specific number.

This feature comes handy in many situations such as you forgot the phone at home and want no one to attend your calls.

You can do these by using the third party apps and these can be only done on the rooted Android device.

So, if you have a rooted device, then you are good to go.

Remotely Shutdown Android


Remote turn off app helps us to turn off the Android Phone with SMS.

Click on the above link to download the file. The downloaded file will be in the Zip format. You can extract it using unzipping software like 7-Zip.

After you extracted the files, you can see the RemotePowerOff apk file within the extracted folder (system/app).

Transfer the apk file to the Android (if it is on the PC) and install it.

Alternatively, you can install the zip file directly in the custom recovery. You can check this article to boot your Android phone into the recovery mode. 

I assume that you’ve installed the app on your device. Let’s see the steps to do the task.


Open the app.

The default code is null. Type null in the “Enter Current Code”.

Enter the new code as per your wish. Provide the code which is easily remembered by you and keep it as secret.

Changing secret code on remote power off app

Click on “Change Secret Code” button.

Now I suggest you to try this yourself first. Just grab another phone and send SMS (your secret code only; Keep in mind that the secret code is case sensitive) to your Android device.

Once your device received the SMS, you’ll be prompted to provide the root permission for the app. This is just one time only and it will not prompt you to provide root permission in future. Just tap “Grant” option.

Your device will begin to shutdown. Now we know that the setup works perfectly.

That’s it. From now on, when you send the secret code in the SMS to your Android handset, the phone will shutdown.



Install and open AutomateIt app. Provide root permissions if prompted. We need to create a rule to achieve this task.

Tap “My Rules” section > “+” icon.

Now you should be in the Trigger screen. Find and tap “Call State Trigger”.

Select the option “Incoming call”.

Now under the “Contact Name” section, you can choose any of these three options (Note that the other options are not suitable for this task):

Selected Contact – The rule will be triggered when you got an incoming call from selected contact. Keep in mind that a contact may have multiple phone numbers. So any number within the contact can trigger the rule when you selected this option.

Selected Phone Number – Only the call from a specific phone number of a contact will trigger this rule.

Manual Phone Number – the name itself explains it, right?

In this instance, I choose “Selected contact”. Now tap the person icon beside it and choose the contact you wish.

Trigger section with Selected Contact option selected

Once you were done, tap “Next”.

In the Action screen, choose “Shutdown Device Action”.

Shutdown Device Action option selected

Now provide a name for the rule (for instance: Remote Shutdown via Call) and then tap “Save” icon at the top to save the rule.

That’s it. Everything is setup properly. From now on, when your device gets a call from the contact you specified, your device will shutdown.

If you have a pro version of the AutomateIt app, then you can customize the rule using the composite trigger and composite action.

Final Thoughts

Both the methods works well. But, I suggest you to go with the SMS method. Because, it provides you the option to send SMS from any device to do this task.

But, as I said before, both the method can do the task. So, pick the one you prefer.

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