How to Enable or Disable Reduce White Point on iPhone?

Reduce White Point feature reduces the intensity of bright colors.

By default, it is not enabled on your iPhone.

If you want to enable it, here are the steps (here, I’m using iPhone X (iOS 13.3)):

Open Settings.

Hit Accessibility which you can find between Display & Brightness and Wallpaper.


Tap Display & Text Size which you can find between Magnifier and Motion.

Display & Text Size

Scroll down to the bottom. Hit the toggle switch beside Reduce White Point, which you can find above Auto-Brightness.

Enabled Reduce White Point

Now you can see a slider beneath Reduce White Point. Slide it to the right (to decrease the intensity of bright colors) or left (to increase the intensity of bright colors).

Note: follow the above steps (1-4) to disable the Reduce White Point feature.

That’s all.