How to See Recent Posts on Your Facebook News Feed

Facebook shows you posts that are relevant to you on your News Feed by default.

Follow the steps below to see recent posts in the News Feed.

In this instance, I’m using a PC, Android or iPhone. Let’s get started.

Android or iPhone

Open the Facebook app.

Right now, you should be in the News Feed.

Scroll down and then scroll up.

You can now see the feed filter bar with Home (the default one), Favorites, Recent and an icon.

To see recent posts from the pages and people you follow, tap Recent. The most recent post appears at the top.

That’s all.


Here’s an alternative method:

When you tap the icon in the feed filter bar, you’ll be given three options: Home, Recent, and Favorites and the option to navigate to the News Feed Preferences. Pick Recent from those three options.

Here’s another alternative method:

Tap the three horizontal lines at the bottom if you’re on an iPhone or the top if you’re on Android.

Hit the See More button.

Hit Recent & Favorites.

Tap Recent if you’re not in it already. Your News Feed now shows recent posts.


Log in to your Facebook account.

From the left sidebar, select Most Recent. If you don’t see it on the left sidebar, click on See More to see it.

That’s it. Now you can see the latest posts from the pages and people you follow, with the most recent one appearing on top.