How to Recall WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp’s “Delete For Everyone” feature lets you recall your WhatsApp messages within one hour, eight minutes and sixteen seconds. Once you pass that time duration, you can’t revoke WhatsApp messages.

Not only “Text,” but you can also recall all the media types as well as quoted messages and status replies.

This feature is available for both individual and group chats. In this instance, I am using it on the individual chat. With that said, let’s see the steps to recall.


​Open WhatsApp.

​Now, open the chat that contains the messages you want to revoke.

Select the message(s) that you want to recall.

Tap the “Trash Can” icon at the top.

In the popup, tap “Delete For Everyone.”

Delete For Everyone option

That’s it. The message(s) are deleted from your chat and recipient’s chat (even from their notification too).

Your recipient device may look like this:

This message was deleted notification

In the place of the deleted message, they can see this message: “This message was deleted.”

Your device may look like this:

You deleted this message notification

In the place of the deleted message, you can see this message: “You deleted this message.”

Here are few important things to note:

Since the messages are delivered instantly (as always) – there is a chance that the recipient may view your message before you delete it.

​If the recipient didn’t receive the revoke request of the sender within one day, one hour, eight minutes and sixteen seconds because of some reasons, then the message will not be revoked.

​Keep in mind that you’ll not be notified if the deletion is not successful.

This feature is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones and not available for Blackberry and Symbian phones.

Additional Hint

“Delete For Me” option only deletes the message from your device. The message in the recipient device will not be affected when you use this option.

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