How to Activate the Facebook Profile Picture Guard (2021)

What is the Facebook profile picture guard? This is a feature that protects your profile image.

On Facebook, what does the Profile Picture Guard do?

When you turn on the profile picture guard:

  • Others won’t be able to download or share your profile picture.
  • Only you and your friends can tag your profile picture.
  • You will have a “Shield” image added to your profile picture.


  • With PC and Facebook for iPhone, you can’t turn off or on this feature.
  • If you cannot find the profile picture guard, it is because it is not available in all countries.

Then let’s look at how to turn it on/off on Android.

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How to Turn On Profile Picture Guard on Facebook App (Android)

Open the Facebook app.

Go to your profile and then tap on your profile picture.

Hit on “Turn On Profile Picture Guard.”

Hit the “Next” button.

You will now see the preview. Tap the “Save” button.

Turn Off Profile Picture Guard on FB App

Go to your profile.

Hit on your profile picture.

Tap Turn Off Profile Picture Guard.

Tap “Yes” on the pop-up.

That’s it.


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