How to Preview Links in Browsers (Firefox and Chrome)

You can preview links in the most popular browsers such as Firefox and Chrome with the help of the extensions.

These extensions allow you to view the preview of the link without clicking it. Yes, you can preview the hyperlinks in the SERP, FB or anywhere on the web.

This saves a lot of time and helps us to decide if the link is worth to open or not. Let's get started.

Preview Links in Browsers



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    Install the Interclue add-on.
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    Hover the mouse near any link.
previewing links on firefox
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    You can see favicon of the site. Hover the mouse near the favicon and you can see the preview of the web page.


  • Press Ctrl + Shift + A and select the Interclue options.
  • In Basic and Advanced tab, there are so many options available. You can use them and customize the preview windows as per your need.
  • If you want to reset settings to Default, navigate to Advanced > Reset.


If you are hovering the mouse near https link, you can see the favicon only. If you are hovering the mouse near HTTP link, you can see favicon and redirect icon.

The redirect icon indicates that the page is an HTTP page.

At the top of the preview window, you can see many options. Let me give a quick overview.

  • You have the option to bookmark, email and copy to clipboard.
  • You have the option to preview all links in the page without leaving preview window by clicking on the up and down arrow.
  • You can also use the resize and pin option if you need.



  • Install ezLinkPreview extension.
  • ​Make sure you refreshed all the pages opened before the installation of the extension. Now, hover the mouse near any link.
  • ​A small button with the letter “EZ” appears near the link.
  • Hover the mouse near EZ button and the preview of the corresponding link opened in a popup window. You can drag and drop and resize the popup window as per your convenience.

At the top of the popup window, you can see many options. Let me give a quick overview of the important options.

  • ​The first three option is to +1 and share the link to Google plus, send preview to Google bookmarks and send link by email correspondingly.
  • ​If you want to open the link in new tab, you can open it from the popup preview window by clicking "open to new tab" option (besides the pin option).
  • You also have the pin, minimize, back and forward option.

To close the popup window, just click on the blank area of the window or close button.

preview links in chrome

HTTP Page Preview Problem and its Solution

As stated in the extensions page, the Google has disabled the preview of the HTTP content in the HTTPS page. You can see more details about the problem here.

So, the solution to this problem is as follows (stated in the extension page):

  • In the HTTPS page, try to preview the link. Now, in the address bar, you can see the gray shield button. Click on it and select the load unsafe script option. You can now view the preview of the HTTP page within the HTTPS page.


  • ​To configure settings, right-click on the extension and select options.
  • You can find a lot of options here, customize it as per your wish.


  • ​Click on the extension in a tab. Now, the tab splits into two panels. Hover the mouse over the link in the left panel and see the preview of the corresponding link in the right panel.
  • Remember that this extension works with images and videos too.

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