How to Prevent Others from Tagging your Facebook Page

By default, your page can be tagged in photos or videos or mentioned in posts or comments by people or other pages.

Here are the steps to prevent others from tagging your Facebook page:

Note: You must be an administrator to complete these steps.

Visit your Facebook page.

From the left sidebar, click Settings.

You will see the Edit link next to “Others Tagging this Page” on the right. Between Tagging Ability and Country Restrictions you’ll find the latter.

Click the link.

You can now uncheck the option “Allow people and other pages to tag Technology Hint.” Instead of Technology Hint, you can see your page name.

Save your changes by clicking the Save Changes button.

That’s all there is to it.

Note: By selecting the above mentioned option, you can revert at any time. Make sure to save the changes.

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