How to Pin, Duplicate and Mute in Chrome and Firefox

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Pin a Tab in Chrome and Firefox

For those who’re not aware of “What is a pinned tab?”, let me quickly explain: A tab that you pin is called “pinned tab.”

And, here are some essential things you need to know about it.

When you pin a tab, it’ll get moved to the left side of the browser.

A pinned tab doesn’t have a close button. However, you can close it by using Ctrl + W keys (only for Chrome) or right-clicking on that tab and clicking the “Close tab” option.

A pinned tab only shows favicon of a site at the top.

Pinned tabs will be there in the browser until you unpin or close them.

With that said, let’s see the steps to pin a tab (The below steps applies to both the Chrome and Firefox):

Right-click on the tab you want to pin. Hit the “Pin tab” option.

Pin tab option in Chrome

You can unpin a pinned tab at any time and here’s how: Right-click on the pinned tab and hit “Unpin tab” option.

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Duplicate a Tab in Chrome and Firefox

The following steps to duplicate a tab applies for both Chrome and Firefox:

Right-click on the tab you want to duplicate.

Now, you can see “Duplicate” or “Duplicate Tab” option depending upon the browser you’re using. Hit it.

Duplicate option in Chrome

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Mute a Site in Chrome

You can mute a site in Chrome and here’s how:

Right-click on the tab which has the website you wish to mute. Click the “Mute site.”

Mute site option in Chrome

That’s all. Remember that the site will remain muted until you unmute it.

To unmute a site: Right-click on the tab which has the website you’ve mute and hit the “Unmute site” option.

If you want to mute all sites, then check out the following steps:

Type the following in the Address Bar: Chrome://settings/content/sound

Press “Enter” key. Hit the “Allow sites to play sound (recommended).”

Allow sites to play sound (recommended)

That’s it. All the websites you’ve already opened (and will open) is muted.

If you want to unmute all sites, then go to the location mentioned above and then hit “Mute sites that play sound.”

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Mute a Tab in Firefox

Press Ctrl + M keys to mute a tab.

Here are two alternative ways:

Right-click on the tab you want to mute and then hit “Mute Tab.”

Mute Tab option in Firefox

Hit the “Volume” icon in the tab you want to mute.

That’s all. All done.

To Unmute: Press Ctrl + M keys OR hit the “Mute” icon in the tab you want to unmute OR right-click on the tab and then hit “Unmute Tab.”

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