Where is the Recycle Bin in Windows 11

In this post, you’ll see the different methods to access Recycle Bin and the steps to create a shortcut for it.

In this instance, I’m using Windows 11. Let’s start.

How to Open Recycle Bin in Windows 11 using File Explorer

Open the File Explorer by pressing Windows + E.

In the address bar at the top, type “recycle bin” (without double quotes) and click the OK button.

Or you can use the first arrow in the address bar of the File Explorer. The Recycle Bin will now appear. Click on it.

That’s it.

How to Open Recycle Bin using Command

Open the Run by pressing Windows + R. Type shell:recyclebinfolder and press Enter key.

That’s all.

You can also use this command in the File Explorer address bar, and Task Manager (click File > Run new task to use it).

In Windows PowerShell and Command Prompt, you must use the start shell:recyclebinfolder to open the Recycle Bin.

How to Access Recycle Bin using Start Menu

Open the Start menu by pressing the Windows key.

The Recycle Bin app will appear in the search results when you type “recycle” (without double quotes). Click on it.

How to Open Recycle Bin in Windows 11 using Shortcut

The methods above show you how to open the Recycle Bin without a desktop icon.

Here’s how to open it with a desktop icon:

Double-click on the Windows 11 Recycle Bin icon on your desktop.

If you don’t already have one, you can add one by following these steps.

How to Create a Recycle Bin Shortcut on Desktop in Windows 11

  1. Open Settings by pressing Windows + I and hit Personalization on the left sidebar.
  2. Click on Themes on the right and hit the “Desktop icon settings.”
  3. Select Recycle Bin and hit the OK button.

That’s all. You can now see the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop.

Alternatively, you can follow these steps to open Recycle Bin:

Open the Run by pressing Windows + R. Type shell:desktop and press Enter key. Double-click on the Recycle Bin to open it.

Thanks for reading.

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