How to Unmute or Mute a Chat on WhatsApp

Let’s see how to unmute or mute a WhatsApp chat (group or contact). I use Google Pixel 4a (Android 12), Windows 11 PC, and iPhone (iOS 15.2).

How to Mute a Chat on WhatsApp (Android)

Here are the steps:

Open the WhatsApp chat you want to mute.

Tap name on top and select Mute notifications above Custom notifications.

Choose duration (8 hours, 1 week, and “Always”) in the popup. “Always” is for muting chat permanently.

To receive notifications, enable “Show notifications.” Otherwise, let it be unchecked. Tap OK.

That’s all.

Using this alternative method, you can mute multiple chats at once:

Select the conversation(s). Tap the Mute icon on top. If you want notifications, select “Show notifications.” Pick duration and tap OK.

Here’s another alternative method:

Open chat and tap three vertical dots in the upper right corner. You can find mute notifications between Search and Wallpaper. Tap it.

Select the “Show notifications” option to receive notifications. Choose the duration and tap OK.

How to Unmute a Chat on WhatsApp (Android)

Note: When time expires, chat gets unmuted automatically. This one doesn’t apply if you’ve selected the “Always” option.

Here are steps to unmute chat manually:

Open WhatsApp, then the conversation you want to unmute.

Tap the name on top, then toggle switch beside Mute notifications.

That’s all.

The following method will allow you to unmute many chats at once: select the conversation(s) you want to unmute. Tap the Volume icon on top.

Here’s another alternate method:

Open chat—tap three vertical dots on the top right. Between Search and Wallpaper, you can find Unmute notifications. Tap it.

How to Mute a WhatsApp Chat (iPhone)

Launch WhatsApp and open the conversation you want to silence. Tap name on top and select Mute.

You can now see durations – 8 Hours, 1 Week, and Always. Latter will permanently muffle chat.

Choose the one you prefer.

That’s it.

Here’s an alternative method:

Hold conversation for a short time. Select “Mute.” You can now see the durations. Choose the one you want.

Here’s another alternative method for this task on the iPhone: slide chat to the left and select More. Tap Mute and select duration.

How to Unmute a WhatsApp Chat (iPhone)

Note: When time expires, chat gets unmuted automatically. Remember, if you’ve chosen the “Always” option, this doesn’t apply.

Here are steps to unmuting chat manually:

Open conversation and tap name on top. 

You’ll find “Muted” as an option. Select it. Tap Unmute.

That’s all.

Here’s the alternate method: long-press the muted chat and select Unmute.

Here’s another alternate method: slide chat to the left. Select More. Tap Unmute.

How to Mute a Chat on WhatsApp Web

Please open the chat and then click three vertical dots at the top. Select Mute notifications.

These durations are now available as options – 8 Hours, 1 Week, and Always. “Always” mutes chat permanently.

Select the one you want and click Mute Notifications.

That’s it.

To unmute, follow the steps above, and you’ll see the Unmute notifications option. Click on that.

Here’s an alternative method:

Hover mouse over the conversation in the left sidebar and click the down arrow. Or right-click on the chat.

Click Mute notifications. Then choose the duration and click Mute notifications.

That’s it.

To unmute, follow the steps above, and you’ll see Unmute notifications. Click it.

Or, complete the above tasks by following these steps: Open the chat you want to mute or unmute. Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + M.


  • If you mute someone or a group, no one will be notified.
  • Chat will remain muted even if you close and re-open WhatsApp. I’ve discussed the steps to unmute in this post.
  • On Android and iPhone, muting chat means you won’t receive notifications, vibrations, or sounds for new messages.
  • Muting chat applies to messages and not for calls.
  • When you mute a chat, a “mute” symbol will appear on it in the Chats tab.

Thanks for reading.