How to Open Mouse Properties in Windows 10?

In this post, we’ll see the different methods to open mouse properties pop-up in Windows 10.

Mouse Properties pop-up

Let’s see what those different ways are.

Method #1

The main.cpl command can launch mouse properties in Windows 10, and you can use it in the following programs:

  • Run Box
Command to open Mouse Properties
  • Command Prompt
  • PowerShell
  • Address toolbar
  • Address bar of File Explorer
  • Task Manager (Hit File > Run new task to use the command)

Method #2

Open Control Panel.

If you’re in Category view, click on Hardware and Sound > Mouse. Else, click on Mouse link.

Mouse link

Method #3

Open Start menu.

Type mouse, and you can find Mouse settings in the search results. Hit it.

Now, hit the Additional mouse options link.

Method #4

Open System32 folder.

Double-click main.cpl file which you can find between Magnify and MaintenanceUI.dll.

main.cpl file

That’s all.