How to Enable or Disable Mouse Keys in Windows 10?

Mouse Keys lets you control the mouse using the numeric keypad.

Here, we’ll see the steps enable or disable it in Windows 10.

Note that the steps to enable and disable are the same.

With that said, let’s get started.

How to enable or disable Mouse Keys in Windows 10?

Open Ease of Access (Here, I’m using the Settings App method).

Hit Mouse.

In Control your mouse with a keypad section, you can see a toggle switch. Hit it.

That’s it.

Turned on Mouse Keys

After you turn on Mouse Keys, you can see the following options:

Only use Mouse Keys when Num Lock is on – makes Mouse Keys work only when Num Lock is on or off.

Show the Mouse Keys icon on the taskbar – show or hide the Mouse Keys icon in the notification area.

Hold the Ctrl key to speed up and the Shift key to slow down – if you enable this option, then pressing the Ctrl key while moving the pointer will increase its speed, and decrease is the Shift button case.

If you wish, play with the Pointer speed and Pointer acceleration too.

That’s all.