How to Change Mouse Double-click Speed

In my posts, I have already talked about ClickLock, changing mouse scroll speed and pointer speed, finding the pointer, mouse pointer trails, changing the primary mouse button, and scroll inactive windows.

In this post, we will see the steps to change the double-click speed of the mouse. In this instance, I am using Windows 10. Let us begin.

Change Mouse Double-click Speed

  1. Open Mouse Properties.
  1. In the Double-click speed section, you can find a slider that you can use to change the double-click speed of your mouse.
  1. Slide it to the left (to decrease the speed) or right (to increase the speed). Keep in mind that the change is immediate.
Changed double-click speed
  1. Beside slider, you can view a Folder icon and that is for testing speed. Double-click on it to find out the speed you chose is right for you or not.
  1. Once you’re okay with the speed you chose, hit the Ok button at the bottom.