How to Monitor Real Time Data Usage in Android

Monitoring data usage in Android helps us to avoid the extra usage of internet. There are many Android apps available to do this task. In this post, we will see the Internet Speed Meter Lite app.

Using this app, you can see the real-time internet speed and the complete data usage consumed by your Android mobile. Let’s check it out the steps to get most out of this ad-free app.

Monitor Real Time Data Usage in Android

  • Open the app and you can see the real-time internet speed in the status bar and the real-time data usage in the notification drawer.
  • In the status bar and notification drawer, you can see the real-time internet speed in bytes by default (You can change the speed units to bits by going to Preferences > Speed Units > Bits per Second).

You can monitor your data usage on the daily basis in the app and notification drawer. The mobile data usage and the WiFi network usage are displayed separately. So you can get the clear overview of the internet usage consumed in WiFi and data connection.

internet speed meter lite - monitor data usage

It also provides the 30 days period of internet usage in the app. This will help you to limit the data usage and avoid the extra usage of the internet. If you are connected to the WiFi network, you can see the SSID and the signal strength of the WiFi network in the notification drawer.

The other important features that you can configure in the app include

  • Show Up/Down Speed – shows the upload and download speed in real time.
  • Starting Day of Month – You can set the date as starting date as per your monthly data plan.
  • Data Usage Limit.

If you want to reset, click on “Reset Stats” option in the app. When you purchase the pro version, you can have important features such as

  • Time and usage of current sessions.
  • Real time speed of running applications.
  • Smarter notification – notification appears only when you are connected to the internet.
  • Themes support.
  • Icon color options.

If you want those features, you need to purchase the Internet Speed Meter Pro version.

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