How to Delete Text Messages on Android (and More)

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Here, I’m using an Android phone. Let’s start.

How to Permanently Delete Text Messages

Backup SMS if you want, and let’s see the steps to do this task on the Messages app.

To delete text message(s) from a conversation, follow these steps: open a conversation that contains the message(s) you want to delete.

Now select the text message(s) you want. Tap the trash can icon at the top, and in the popup, choose Delete.

To delete conversation(s), follow these steps: select the conversation(s) you prefer. Tap the trash can icon at the top, and in the popup window, select Delete.

To delete all conversations at once, follow these steps:

Note: The Messages app doesn’t have this functionality.

Install and open the SMS Backup & Restore app. Tap the Get Started button and provide permissions.

Now you can see the main screen. Tap on the three vertical lines at the top > Tools > Delete messages or call logs. In the popup, select Messages and tap Yes.

You can now see a popup saying that you need to temporarily set up the SMS Backup & Restore app as the default SMS app to complete this “delete” task. Tap OK in it.

In the popup, select “SMS Backup & Restore” and then hit “Set as default.”

That’s it. Once the messages are deleted, set the app you use for SMS as the default SMS app.

How to Schedule an SMS on Android

Note: Messages app doesn’t have this feature.

Install and open the AutomateIt app. Go through the introduction, provide permissions, and then hit Done.

Now you’re on the main screen, and you need to create a rule for scheduling the SMS.

Hit My Rules > + icon. Tap “Time Trigger.” Set a time and repeat for the text message you want to send. Hit “Next.” Select “Send SMS Action” and provide permissions.

Now type the message in the “SMS Text” section. Hit the icon in the “Phone Number” section and select a phone number. Tap “Next.”

Enter the rule’s name and then hit on the “Save” icon at the top.

That’s it. The app will send SMS with the message as per time and repeat you’ve set from now on.

If you want to delete the rule, proceed as follows:

  1. Hit “My Rules” on the main screen.
  2. Find and tap the rule.
  3. Select the option “Delete Rule” and hit “Yes” in the popup.

How to Add a Signature to Text Messages

Note: Messages app doesn’t have this feature.

Install and open the Textra SMS app. Tap the “Start Using Textra” button. Select “Textra” and hit “Set as default” to make Textra your SMS app in the popup.

You are now on the main screen. Tap the three vertical dots at the top right and tap “Settings.”

Find and hit “Signatures.” Tap the “+” icon at the bottom. Press the Enter key and then enter your signature.

By default, the first line of the signature isn’t added under the message, so I suggest you press the Enter key before entering your signature. Then tap “Okay.”

That’s it. From now on, your outgoing SMS will contain your signature.

To delete a signature, go to “Signatures” using the above steps. Tap the three vertical dots beside the one you want to remove. The Change option is to edit it, and the Delete option is to remove it.

Additional Notes (Messages App)

  • If you want to mark all messages as read, hit the three vertical dots in the top right of the app and then “Mark all as read.”
  • If you want to see blocked and spam conversations, hit the three vertical dots in the top right and then “Spam & blocked.”
  • To set the country, go to the settings of the app and tap “Your current country.” Select the country. Remember that the “Automatically detected” option lets the app recognize your country.
  • To turn on or off spam protection in the app, follow these steps: Hit the three vertical dots at the top right. Select Settings, and then hit “Spam protection.” Enable (to turn on) or disable (to turn off) the toggle switch.

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How to Enable or Disable Delivery Reports

Here’s how you can turn it on or off: open the Messages app on your Android device. Tap the three vertical dots at the top right > Settings > Advanced.

Turn on (to enable) or off (to disable) the “Get SMS delivery reports” option.