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How to Make a Private Blog in Blogger

By default, all blogs are public in Blogger. When your blog is public, it is visible to anyone on the internet.

But, if you want to create a blog that can access by only a set of peoples, then you need to create a private blog.

Blogger has 2 options to make a private blog. Let’s check it out all in detail.

Make a Private Blog in Blogger

  • Select the blog that you want to make private.
  • Go to Settings > Basic
  • Click on “Edit” link in the “Blog Readers” option.

"Blog Readers" have three options. They are Public, Private – Only blog authors, and Private – Only these readers.


The public option is the default one which makes your blog available to anyone on online. The remaining two Blog Readers options make Blogger private.

Blog Readers options

Private – Only blog authors

  • If you choose Private-Only blog authors option, then only site authors and admin can use your blog. The blog would be restricted to the public users.
  • If any public users try to use your private blog, they will get a message stating that this site is private.

Private – Only these readers

  • The Private-Only these readers option allows only a set of readers to use your blog. You have to send invitations through email for a set of readers that you choose.
  • Click on “+Add Readers” to add readers to your private blog. You can add up to 100 readers for a private blog. The readers should be login to their Google account to use your blog.

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How to Make a Private Blog in Blogger

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