How to Make Your Android Phone Boot Faster

Generally, Android devices boot fast. In this post, we will see 2 simple methods will make your Android phone boot faster. Let’s get started.

Make Your Android Phone Boot Faster

Method 1 [Rooted Device Only]

Here you will add some codes in the build.prop file which will make your Android phone boot faster.


  • Click on “Pencil” icon at the bottom. You can now able to edit the build.prop file.
  • Scroll down to bottom. Now, add the following lines of code.




make android phone boot faster

It is important to note that the second line of code will disable your Android device boot animation. Save the file and reboot your phone. You can see that the changes you made make your phone boot faster.

Method 2

In Windows PC, disabling unwanted startup item makes it boot faster. The same applies in the case of the Android too. When Android boots up, there are a lot of services that boots up along with Android.

You can manage the startup items of your device and disable the unnecessary startup services with the help of the Android apps.

There are many apps are available for this task. If you are using the clean master app, you can use its “Autostart manager” for this task. If you want a dedicated app, then you can use the app “Startup Manager”.

Use any one of the apps to disable the unnecessary startup items. I highly recommend you to leave the item intact if you are unsure about it.

These 2 methods worked for me and I hope it will work for you too. Are you using any other apps or ideas to speed up Android booting? Let us know in the comments.

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