How to Like and Dislike a YouTube Video

You can like or dislike YouTube videos.

Liking a video means that you loved and enjoyed the video content. Disliking a video is the opposite of liking a video.

Let’s see how to like and dislike a YouTube video.

Like and Dislike a YouTube Video

Note: The following steps are the same for the YouTube web version and the YouTube app for Android.


Sign in to your account.

Go to the YouTube video that you like to watch.

If you want to like the video, hit the “thumbs up” icon under YouTube video player. After you hit the “thumbs up” icon, it will turn from grey to blue or black (depending on PC or mobile).

If you want to dislike the video, hit the “thumbs down” icon under YouTube video player. Similar to the like, after you hit the “thumbs down” icon, it will turn from grey to blue or black (depending on PC or mobile).

If you want to undo like, just hit the “thumbs up” icon. The same is the case for undoing a dislike.

When you like or dislike a video, the likes or dislikes count gets increased. However, except you, no one knows you liked or disliked that video.

Whenever you like a video, it will be automatically added to the “Liked videos” playlist which contains a maximum of 5000 videos.

Remove Liked Videos from YouTube

Keep in mind that removing Liked videos also undo your likes.

To remove videos from “Liked videos” playlist, you can try any of the following methods:

Method #1

If you are in the web version of YouTube, try these steps:

Choose the “Liked videos” (which is underneath “Watch later”) from the left sidebar.

Now, you can see your Liked videos.

Remember that there is no option to remove all the Liked videos at once. However, you can remove them individually.

To do that, click “Edit” and then hover the mouse over the video that you want to remove from the playlist, click the Remove (Cross) icon.

You can do the same on YouTube app for Android and here is how:

Tap “Library” at the bottom > Liked videos.

Now, tap Overflow Menu (three vertical dots) beside the video that you want to remove.

Tap “Remove from Liked videos.”

That is all. The video should be removed from the Liked videos playlist of your account.

Method #2

Go to the video you liked (you can find the video from “Liked videos” playlist) and then undo the like.

That is all. You can use this step on the YouTube app and YouTube web version.

Hide Like and Dislike Count from YouTube Video (For Video Creators)

Every video has the option to like or dislike it.

If you want to remove the ability of like and dislike from your video, then it is not possible since YouTube does not have the option to do so.

However, you can hide like and dislike count of your video from viewers. Here’s how you can do that:

Go to the Video Manager.

Click the “Edit” button of the video for which you want to hide like and dislike count.

Find and tap “Advanced settings.”

Uncheck “User can view ratings for this video.”

Click on the “Save changes” button at the bottom.

That is all.

Remember that only count is hidden from the viewers. The viewers can still like or dislike the video. The number of likes and dislikes of the video can still be counted by YouTube as always and shown to you in the Analytics.

When you want to show the count, just follow the above steps, check “User can view ratings for this video” and then click the “Save changes” button.