How to Like a Tweet on Twitter

If you like a tweet, then it means that you appreciate that tweet.

Let’s see how to like a tweet (it can be yours or others).

The following steps apply to Twitter web version (PC) and app (Android and iPhone).


  1. Find the tweet you want to like.

  2. At the bottom of the tweet, you can see the “Like” icon, which you can find beside “Retweet.” Hit it.

That’s it. All done.

To see your likes, go to the “Likes” tab in your profile.

To Remove Like

  1. Go to the “Likes” tab in your profile.
  2. Find the tweet for which you want to delete the like.
  3. Hit the “Liked” icon.
  4. Refresh the page if you’re on PC.

Note: If you want to delete like in bulk, see this guide.

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