A Guide on iPhone Phone Settings

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How to Set iPhone to Announce Who’s Calling You

Launch Settings. Tap Phone > Announce Calls. Now, you can see these options:

  • Always – Announce each incoming call.
  • Headphones & Car – Announce incoming calls when your device and car connected via Bluetooth or headphones are connected.
  • Headphones Only – Announce incoming calls only when headphones are connected.
  • Never – Don’t announce incoming calls.

Choose the one you prefer.

How to Show or Hide Caller ID on iPhone

Open Settings. Tap Phone > Show My Caller ID. Enable the switch beside “Show My Caller ID” to show caller ID.

Note: To hide caller ID, disable the switch.

How to Silence Unknown Callers on iPhone

Launch Settings. Hit “Phone.” Enable the switch beside “Silence Unknown Callers.” That’s it.

From now on, when you get a call from a phone number, which is not in the recent outgoing calls, Contacts, Mail, or Messages app, then it’ll go straight to the voicemail and shown in the “Recents” list.

Note: To disable this feature, disable the switch.

How to Turn On or Off Call Waiting

Open Settings. Hit Phone > Call Waiting. Enable the switch beside “Call Waiting.”

Note: To disable call waiting, disable the switch.

How to Turn On or Off Dial Assist

Dial assist automatically adds international or local prefix when you dial your contacts and favorites. It is enabled by default and here’s how you can disable it:

Open Settings. Tap Phone. Scroll to the bottom. Disable the switch beside “Dial Assist.”

Note: To enable dial assist, enable the switch.