How to Turn Off Geotagging on Android and iPhone

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How to Turn On or Off Geotagging on Android

What is Geotagging?

It is a process of adding location information. Your Android and iPhone Camera app have this feature.

If the feature is enabled, then the photos and videos you’ve taken using your Android or iPhone Camera app will have location information.

Below, you can find the steps to enable or disable it on Android and iPhone.


Geotagging is turned off on Android by default. Let’s see the steps to enable it.

Launch Camera app.

Hit the “Gear” icon at the top.

Hit the “Save location” option, which is under the “Save settings” section.

Now, you may see a pop-up. In it, tap “App Info.”

Hit “Permissions.” Tap “Location.” Choose “Allow only while using the app.”

Now go back to the “Save location” option, which we see above. Enable it.


  • To turn off geotagging, disable “Save location” option.
  • Here’s an alternate method to disable geotagging – Turn off location completely. Or turn off location permission for the Camera app. Steps to do both these tasks are in this guide.


Let’s see the steps to turn off geotagging.

Open the Settings app.

Tap “Privacy.” Hit “Location Services” at the top.

Tap “Camera.” Choose “Never.”


  • To enable geotagging, follow the above steps. And choose “While Using the App” instead of “Never.”

How to Set Up Timer on Android or iPhone Camera

Open Camera.

Hit the “Timer” icon. The one that is third from the left.

You see these three options – Timer Off (if you’re on Android) or Off (if you’re on iPhone) (this option is for turning off timer), 3s (3 seconds timer), and 10s (10 seconds timer).

Choose the one you want. In this example, I am choosing “10s.”

Now, when you press the “Shutter” button, the Camera will take photos after 10 seconds.

If you wish to stop the timer, then tap the “Stop” button (if you’re on iPhone) or “X” (if you’re on Android).

How to Turn Off Shutter Sound on Android or iPhone Camera

Method #1

Android: Put the phone on vibrate or mute the phone.

iPhone: Mute the device or put it in silent mode.

Method #2

Connect the headphone to the device.

Method #3 (Android Only)

Open Camera app.

Hit the “Gear” icon at the top.

Disable the “Shutter sound” option.

Disabled Shutter sound

How to Turn On or Off Flash on Android or iPhone Camera

Note: Remember that turning off flash will disable it in the Camera and turning on the flash will make the Camera to use flash every time you take a photo.

Launch “Camera” on iPhone.

Tap the “Lightning bolt” icon on the top.

To turn off flash: Hit “Off.”

To turn on flash: Tap “On.”


  • “Auto” (for iPhone) and “Flash Auto” (for Android) is the default option. If you select this option, then the Camera app will use flash when it decides the flash is required.
  • For Android: You need to apply the below steps for both the front and rear cameras separately.