How to Install Apps from Unknown Sources on Android

By default, you are only allowed to install apps from Play Store on your Android handset. 

​If you try to install APK files from other sources outside Play Store, then you'll see a notification like this:

​The "Unknown Sources" option stops installing apps from unknown sources; This option is disabled by default.

You can't install apps from other sources until you enable this feature.

In this post, we will see the steps to do this task. Let's get started.

Install Apps from Unknown Sources​


  • Go to Settings > Security.
  • Find the "Unknown sources" option.
  • Enable the option and tap OK in the confirmation message.

Now you can install any APK files on your Android handset. Remember, when you enable this feature, you take all the responsibility of your device's safety.


I suggest you to get apps from Play Store. Because:

1. It is a trusted source

2. It reduces the chances of your device getting affected by malicious things.

But in case, ​you want to (or need to) install apps from other sources, then make sure the apps and the source are safe to proceed.

Also, I suggest you to turn on this option only during app installation. ​After the app installation, turn off this option.

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How to Install Apps from Unknown Sources on Android

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