How to Hide Posts on WordPress

Sometimes, you do not want your posts to be shown on the homepage (or other places) of your blog. However, you want the posts to be indexed by the search engines.

In that case, you can hide the posts on your blog, and you can do this task easily with the help of the WordPress plugin.

Without further ado, let's see the plugin that helps us with this task.

Hide WordPress Posts


  • Homepage
  • Category Pages
  • Tag Pages
  • Author Pages
  • Date Archives
  • Search Results
  • Feeds
  • WP Native Recent Post Widget
  • Remove from Next Previous Rel Link
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    Go to "Posts."
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    Write a new post or open the existing post that you want to hide. Remember that you can use this plugin on both the new and existing posts.
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    Scroll down until you see the "Post Visibility" meta box.
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    Now, select the places as per your need. In this instance, I want to hide the post only from the homepage, so I choose the "Hide on the front page." option.
Post Visibility meta box which is only available in post
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    If you are using this plugin on the published post, click "Update" button. Else, click "Publish" button.
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    That's it. All done.

The post is hidden from the homepage now.

Keep in mind that the post is hidden from only the places you have chosen and not from the search engines. So, the post will get indexed, users from the search engines and the users who have the URL of the post can still access the hidden post.

Here are the answers to the few questions which you may have:

Can I make the hidden post visible again?

Yes, you can make the hidden post visible at any time. All you need to do is opening the hidden post, unchecking the options and then updating the post.

Is hiding the posts affect SEO negatively?

No. Here's what the plugin developer said about it. Click the below image to view its enlarged version.

Question and answer about is plugin affect SEO negatively

Note that this plugin works with the "pages" too. To use this on pages, Look for the "Page Visibility" meta box within the page that you want to hide.

Page Visibility meta box which is only available on page

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How to Hide Posts on WordPress

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