How to Hide Recycle Bin in Windows 11

You can’t remove the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop like you usually delete the shortcut.

But you can hide it, and here are the steps:

Open the Run by pressing Windows + R, type “desk.cpl ,,5” (without double quotes), and press the Enter key.

Now you can see the Desktop Icon Settings popup.

Unselect Recycle Bin and hit the OK button.

That’s all. You can see that the Recycle Bin is no more on the desktop.


  • If you want to show Recycle Bin icon back on the desktop, all you need to do is follow the above steps but instead of unselecting, select it.
  • To hide all desktop icons, including Recycle Bin, right-click on the desktop’s blank space and select View > Show desktop icons.
  • Here’s the alternative method to open Desktop Icon Settings popup: Open the Run by pressing Windows + R. Type ms-settings:themes and press Enter key.

Thanks for reading.

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