How to Hide Followers and Following on Facebook

In Facebook, “Followers” and “Following” are public by default. It means that anyone can see who are your followers and whom you are following.

If you wish to hide those from the views of the other, then this guide is for you.

In this post, we will see how to do this task on the Facebook web version and the Facebook app for Android. Let’s get started.

Hide Followers and Following on Facebook


Go to Facebook and then sign in.

Click on your profile name which is in between “Search Box” and “Home.”

Click on “Friends” beneath your “Cover Photo.”

You can see the “Pencil” icon beside the “+ Find Friends” button. Click on it and then click on the “Edit privacy” option.

Now, you can see “Edit privacy” popup.

In the popup, you may see “Following” and “Followers” along with its drop-down list.

Open the drop-down list of “Following.” Now, you can see these options – Public (default option), Friends, Only me, and Custom.

Pick the one you want. I recommend you to choose “Only me.” The “Only me” option hides the “Following” entirely from everyone except you.

Now, open the drop-down list of “Followers” and then choose the option you want (I recommend “Only me”).

Hit the “Done” button in the popup.

That is all. The “Followers” and “Following” is completely hidden from others (if you have chosen “Only me”).

Keep in mind that it also hides your followers count from the “Intro” section of your Timeline.


Open the Facebook app.

Tap the “Hamburger” icon (three vertical lines).

Find and tap “Settings & Privacy” (which is between “Help & Support” and “Log Out”).

Tap Account Settings > Privacy.

Under the “Your Activity” section, you can see “Who can see the people, Pages, and lists you follow?.” Click on it.

Choose the option you prefer from available options. If you prefer to hide it from all except you, then select “Only me.”

Now, head over to “Public Posts” which you can find it under “Account Settings.”

There, you may see “Who Can See Your Followers On Your Timeline.” Beneath it, you can choose the option you prefer.

In this instance, I chose “Only me,” and I recommend you to choose the same if you want to hide your followers from everyone’s view except yours.