How to Hide Files and Folders in Android

In this post, you’ll see two diverse ways to hide files and folders in an Android phone.

Here, I’m using Android 10. Let’s get started.

How to Hide Files and Folders in Android

Dot Method

Open the Files app.

Enable the “Show hidden files” to see the hidden files. Tap the “Back” button twice.

Hit “Browse” at the bottom if you’re not in it.

Hit “Internal storage” or your SD card at the bottom.

Navigate to the location you prefer.

Hit the three vertical dots at the top.

Hit “Add new folder.”

Provide the name as per your choice. But place dot (.) before the file name. Hit the “Create Folder” button. In this instance, I’m creating a folder with the name “.mydata.”

That’s all. From now on, place any items within the folder “.mydata” will be hidden, and it won’t be visible on Gallery, multimedia players, or anywhere else.

Alternatively, you can place the dot before the current folder name to hide its contents.

Here are a couple of things to note:

  • The files within the hidden folders will be visible on the computer.
  • Before giving your phone to others, disable the “Show hidden files” option.

.Nomedia Method

What is .nomedia?

It’s a file with an extension nomedia.

This file tells the Android apps not to display the contents of the folder it presents.

Here are some other things to remember:

  • It only works for media files (such as photos and videos).
  • The folder which contains the .nomedia file is always visible in the file manager. But the .nomedia file will only be visible to you if you’ve enabled the “Show hidden files” option.
  • You can place the .nomedia file within a new or existing folder to keep its content hidden.

Let’s see the steps to create a .nomedia file.


Install and open the Nomedia app

Provide “Storage” permission. 

Now, you’ll see the list of folders. 

Enable the switch beside the folder in which you want the .nomedia file. Here, I’m choosing the folder “mydata.”

That’s it. All the files and folders within the “mydata” folder are hidden now and will not be shown on Gallery, multimedia players, and so on.