How to Hide Files and Folders in Android without any Apps

When you give your phone to someone, you don’t want them to see your important files. In a nutshell, you want to hide important files and folders so that others can’t able to access them.

You can hide files and folders on your Android handset without any app. In this post, we will see 2 simple ways to do this task. Let’s get started.

Hide Files and Folders without any Apps

Dot Before File or Folder Name

  • Enable the “Show hidden files” in the file manager. Now, you can see the hidden files on your Android device.
  • Click on “New folder” icon in the file manager.
  • Name it as anything you want. Place the . (Dot) before the file or folder name. In this instance, I’m creating a folder named “.hidden”.

Hide files - hidden folder

  • Place the files and folders within this folder “.hidden” and they won’t be visible in the Multimedia player, Gallery and so on.

hide files and folders

However, it is important to note that the hidden folder (.hidden) will be visible on your computer. Also, Ensure that you disabled the “Show hidden files” option before giving your phone to someone.


What is .nomedia?

It is just an empty file with an extension nomedia. Generally .nomedia files tell the Android apps to not display the contents of the folder in which it presents.

In a nutshell, when a .nomedia file is in a folder, then the folder contents won’t be displayed by apps such as Gallery, Multimedia player, and others.

It is important to note that this method only works for the media files and the folder contents will be visible in the file manager.


  • Go to the file manager.
  • Place all the files that you want to hide in a single folder. In this instance, the folder is “Download”.
  • Now within the folder, create a new folder and name it as .nomedia or you can create a .nomedia file by renaming any junk file (See screenshot).

hide files on android with .nomedia

That’s it. The media files in the folder and its subfolder won’t be displayed by apps anymore. If you still see the files, just reboot the phone and check the Gallery. The files should be hidden.

You can use the above methods to create a dedicated hidden folder or use it in the existing folder to make it as hidden.


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