How to Hide Contacts,Text and Calls on Android

Since Android is popular for its customization features, you can hide text messages, contacts, and calls from specific people on Android.

“Private SMS & Call – Hide Text” app helps us to hide contacts, text and calls on Android. This app hides text, messages, and calls from the people (specified by you) in a private space safely. Let’s get started.

Steps to Hide Contacts, Text, and Calls on Android

Install and open the app.

In the first run, you’ll be prompted to set your passcode and security email address.

Also, you have the option to hide the app icon from the app panel. When you enable this option, the app icon won’t be visible and no can identify that you’ve installed this app.

I recommend you to enable the option since it provides more privacy. Once you enabled this option, you can launch the app only by dialing the ##yourpasscode in the dialer.

For example, I’ve set the passcode as 1234 and enabled this option. To open the app, I’ve to call like this.


After you’ve done the initial setup, you are in the private contacts screen. It is important to note that you have to first import the contact as private contacts. After that, messages and calls from your private contacts will be hidden.

You can see the following options to import the contacts

Import from Contacts – import your existing contacts from contact.

Import from messages – import your existing contacts from messages.

Import from calls – import your existing contacts from calls.

Create contact manually – you can create a new private contact with this option. (Alternatively, you can be done this by clicking the + icon at the top and select the Add new contact option).

Once you added the private contacts, all the text and calls from the specific people will be hidden.

Also, you can create a dummy notification for private contacts while creating the new contact or adding the existing contacts.

From now on, when you get the messages from the private contacts, you’ll see the dummy name and messages in the messages(default messenger) and the original message of the private contact is in the message section of the app (see screenshots).

You can see the calls from the private contact in the call log section. Also, there are many options which you should use to get the most out of the app.

Notification icon – to customize notification icon

Audio alert – customize notification sound

Shake to close – shake the phone to close the app

Backup and restore

Hide private MMS

Change call handling mode for individual contacts.

When you set it as block incoming call, all the calls from that private contact will be automatically blocked by the app and you can see the dummy name of the corresponding contact in the notification.

There are many other options are available in the app and you can try it out all.

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