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How to Become a Beta Tester of a Google Play Store App

​If you want to become a beta tester of a Google Play Store app, then here are the steps:

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    Open Google Play Store app. Find the app for which you want to be a beta tester and then open its detail page.
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    Scroll down until you see "Become a beta tester" section. If you do not see this section, then it may be because of any one of the following reasons:
  • ​The app does not have a beta program.
  • The beta program is full. If the beta program for the app is full, then you can see this message:​
Beta program is full
  • The app has beta app separately. For instance, Firefox has a separate beta app. When the beta app is available separately, you can use both the stable and beta app on the same Android device. However, keep in mind that if the beta app is not available as a separate one, then you can only use the beta one on your Android device.
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    ​In the "Become a beta tester," hit "I'm In" button.​
I'm in button
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    In the "Join beta program?" popup, tap "Join."
Join beta program popup

​That is all. It may take few minutes to add you to the beta program, and after that, you can update to the beta version of the app (if available).


If you still see the "Beta signup in progress" after few minutes, then close the Play Store, open it again and then go to the app's detail page. Now, you can see that you are a beta tester of the app.

In case, if you have joined beta before installing the app, then make sure to install the app.

​If you want to leave beta program of an app, then here are the steps:

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    ​Go to the Play Store.
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    Tap Hamburger icon (three vertical lines) > My apps & games > Beta tab (this where you can see all apps for which you are a beta tester. Remember, that you cannot see separately installed beta apps here).
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    Tap the app you want.
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    Scroll down until you see "You're a beta tester." Tap "Leave" button.
Leave button
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    ​In the confirmation popup, tap "Leave."
Leave beta program popup

That is all. You are successfully removed from the beta program of the app. Now, uninstall and reinstall the app.

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How to Become a Beta Tester of a Google Play Store app

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