Google Chrome Browser Shortcut Keys

Google Chrome, one of the most popular browsers, has many shortcuts that help you work on it faster.

Let’s see the Chrome shortcuts that work on Windows PC.

Google Chrome Shortcuts

Shortcut Keys Action
F1 Open Chrome Help page.
F11 Turn on full-screen mode. You can use the same key to exit out of full-screen mode.
Alt + Left Arrow Move to the page in a retrograde manner.
Alt + Right Arrow Forwardly move to the page.
Alt + Shift + N Minimize Chrome window.
Alt + Shift + X Maximize Chrome window.
Home Take you to the top of the page.
End Take you to the end of the page.
Shift + Scrolling mouse wheel Scroll the page horizontally.
Tab Navigate via clickable items forwardly.
Shift + Tab Navigate via clickable items in a retrograde manner.
Page Down (or Spacebar) Scroll down on the webpage.
Page Up (or Shift + Spacebar) Scroll up on the webpage.
Ctrl + Click on a link Open link in a new tab.
Ctrl + Shift + Click on a link (or Shift + clicking the link using the mouse wheel) Open link in a new tab and provide the focus to the new tab.
Shift + Click on a link Open link in a new window.
Alt + Click in a link Download the target of that link.
Type a URL and then press Alt + Enter Open the URL in a new tab.
Escape key Stops loading of the page.
Shift + Escape key Open Chrome Task Manager.
Shift + F5 (or Ctrl + Shift + R) Reloads the current page but ignores cached content.
Shift + Alt + T Bring the focus to the first active icon in the Chrome toolbar.
Alt + Home Open Chrome browser Homepage.
Alt + F (or E) Open Chrome browser Menu.
Ctrl + (1 to 8) Take you to the corresponding numbered tab. For instance – if you press Ctrl + 3, it will take you to the third tab.
​Ctrl + 9 Take you to the last tab of the current Chrome window.
Ctrl + 0 Bring back the current tab to the default view.
Ctrl + + Zoom in. Alternatively, Ctrl + Shift + + or Shift + scrolling mouse wheel up can do the same.
Ctrl + – Zoom out. Ctrl + Shift + – or Shift + scrolling mouse wheel down can do the same.
Ctrl + Enter Adds the www. and .com to the website name typed in the Address Bar.
Ctrl + Tab (or Ctrl+ Page Down) Switch to the next tab.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab (or Ctrl + Page Up) Switch to the previous tab.
Ctrl + A Select all on the web page or Address Bar depending on where the focus is.
Ctrl + C Copy the content.
Ctrl + V Paste the content depending on where the focus is.
Ctrl + T Open a new tab.
Ctrl + N New Chrome window.
Ctrl + Shift + T Reopen closed tab.
Ctrl + Shift + N Open Private browsing (incognito) window.
Ctrl + Shift + 4 (when the focus is on the Address Bar) Brings the “Currency” symbol (for me, it brings the “Rupee” symbol).
Ctrl + Shift + Delete Open “Clear browsing data” pop-up.
Ctrl + S Open “Save” dialog box.
Ctrl + D Bookmark the active tab.
Ctrl + K (or E) Open your Chrome browser’s default search engine in the Address Bar. Now, you can type your search term and then press Enter key to search.
Ctrl + H Open History.
Ctrl + J Open Downloads.
Ctrl + L Bring the focus to the Address Bar. Alt + D and “F6” keys too can do the same.
Ctrl + P Print window. You can use this window to save the web page as a PDF.
Ctrl + O Open “Open” dialog box.
Ctrl + U View source of the active tab.
Ctrl + W (or F4) Close current tab.
Ctrl + F Open Find bar.
Ctrl + G (or F3  or Enter) Take you to the next instance of the “Find Bar” term.
Ctrl + Shift + G (or Shift + F3 or Shift + Enter) Take you to the previous instance of “Find Bar” term.
Ctrl + Shift + M Open the pop-up where you can switch profiles.
Ctrl + Shift + O Open Bookmarks Manager.
Ctrl + Shift + B Hide/unhide Bookmarks Bar.
Ctrl + Shift + D Bookmark all tabs that are opened in the browser under a new folder.
Ctrl + Shift + C (or I) Open “Developer Tools.” Pressing “F12” can do the same task.
Ctrl + Shift + J Open “Console” tab of “Developer Tools.”
Ctrl + Shift + P Open “Print using system dialog.”
Ctrl + Shift + R Refresh the active tab. Pressing “F5” can do the same task.
Ctrl + Shift + W Close current Chrome window with all its tabs.
Ctrl + Shift + Q Close the Chrome browser entirely. 

Here are a few essential things that you can do in Chrome using mouse only:

  • Drag the link from the Address Bar to Bookmarks Bar and the link will become a bookmark.
  • Press the mouse wheel while placing the cursor on top of the tab to close the corresponding tab.