Google Chrome Shortcut Keys

In this post, you’ll find Chrome keyboard shortcuts.

In this case I am using a Windows 10 PC.

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Google Chrome shortcuts

Let us look at the key combination and its action.

Shortcut KeyAction
F1Open the Google Chrome Help page.
F11Turn on full-screen mode. You can use the same key to exit out of full-screen mode.
Alt + Left ArrowMove to the page in a retrograde manner.
Alt + Right ArrowMove to the page in a forward manner.
Alt + Shift + NMinimize the Chrome browser window.
Alt + Shift + XMaximize the Chrome window.
HomeIt will take you to the top of the page.
EndTakes you to the end of the page.
Shift + Scrolling mouse wheelScroll the page horizontally.
TabNavigate forward via clickable items.
Shift + TabNavigate via clickable items in a retrograde manner.
Page Down (or Space bar)Scroll down to the web page.
Page Up (or Shift + Space bar)Scroll up to the web page.
CTRL + Click on a linkOpen the link in a new Chrome tab.
CTRL + Shift + Click on a link (or Shift + clicking the link using the mouse wheel)Open the link in a new tab and provide the focus to the new tab.
Shift + Click on the linkOpen the link in a new window.
Alt + Click in a linkDownload the target from that link.
Type in a URL and then press Alt + EnterOpen the URL in a new tab.
Escape keyStops loading of the page.
Shift + Escape keyOpen Chrome Task Manager.
Shift + F5 (or CTRL + Shift + R)Reloads the current page but ignores cached content.
Shift + Alt + TBring the focus to the first active icon in the Chrome toolbar.
Alt + HomeOpen the Chrome browser homepage.
Alt + F (or E)Open the Chrome browser menu.
CTRL + (1 to 8)It will take you to a specific tab. For instance – if you press CTRL + 3, it’ll take you to the third tab.
CTRL + 9It will take you to the last tab of the current Chrome window.
CTRL + 0Bring the current tab back to the default view.
CTRL + +Zoom in. CTRL + Shift + + or Shift + scrolling mouse wheel up can do the same.
CTRL + –Zoom out. CTRL + Shift + – or Shift + scrolling mouse wheel down can do the same.
CTRL + EnterAdds the www. and .com to the website name typed in the address bar.
CTRL + Tab (or Page Down)Switch to the next tab.
CTRL + Shift + Tab (or Page Up)Switch to the previous tab.
CTRL + ASelect all on the web page or address bar, depending on where the focus is.
CTRL + CCopy the content.
CTRL + VPaste the content depending on where the focus is.
CTRL + TOpen a new tab.
CTRL + NNew Chrome window.
CTRL + Shift + TReopen the closed tab.
CTRL + Shift + NOpen Chrome’s incognito mode.
CTRL + Shift + 4 (when the focus is on the address bar)For the “Currency” symbol.
CTRL + Shift + DeleteOpen the “Clear browsing data” pop-up.
CTRL + SOpen “Save.”
CTRL + DBookmark the active tab.
CTRL + K (or E)Open your Chrome browser’s default search engine in the address bar. Now, you can type your search term and then press the “Enter” key to search.
CTRL + HOpen Browsing History.
CTRL + JOpen Downloads.
CTRL + LBring the focus to the address bar. Alt + D and “F6” keys too can do the same.
CTRL + POpen the “Print” pop-up on Chrome. You can use this one to save the web page as a PDF.
CTRL + OOpen “Open.”
CTRL + UView the source of the active tab.
CTRL + W (or F4)Close the current tab.
CTRL + FOpen the Find bar.
CTRL + G (or F3 or Enter)Take you to the next instance of the “Find bar” term.
CTRL + Shift + G (or Shift + F3 or Shift + Enter)Take you to the previous instance of the “Find bar” term.
CTRL + Shift + MOpen the pop-up where you can switch profiles.
CTRL + Shift + OOpen Bookmarks Manager.
CTRL + Shift + BHide/unhide Bookmarks Bar.
CTRL + Shift + DBookmark all tabs that are opened in the browser under the new folder.
CTRL + Shift + C (or I)Open “Developer Tools.” Pressing “F12” can do the same task.
CTRL + Shift + JOpen the “Console” tab of “Developer Tools.”
CTRL + Shift + POpen the “Print” pop-up of Windows 10.
CTRL + Shift + RRefresh the active tab. Pressing “F5” can do the same task.
CTRL + Shift + WClose the current Chrome window with all its tabs.
CTRL + Shift + QClose the Google Chrome browser entirely.

Here are other things you can do in Chrome only with the mouse:

  • Drag the link from the address bar to the bookmarks bar and the link becomes a bookmark.
  • Press the mouse wheel while placing the cursor at the top of the tab to close the corresponding tab.

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