How to Enable Smart Compose in Gmail

Smart Compose, a feature powered by machine learning, provides you suggestions while composing an email in Gmail.

It is an experimental feature. Keep in mind that experimental features may be removed at any time without any notice.

However, if you want, you can enable it at any time you want.  Here's how you can enable Smart Compose in Gmail web version:

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    ​Go to Gmail. Sign in if not already. Make sure you are in new Gmail interface. If not, switch to it.
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    Click on "Gear" icon and then click "Settings."
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    Find and select "Enable experimental access." Selecting this option will automatically enable "Smart Compose."
Selected Enable experimental access
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    ​Click on "Save Changes" button at the bottom.

​That is all. The Smart Compose is enabled successfully. Now, compose an email, and you can see suggestions.

Smart Compose in action

If you want to accept the suggestion, press "Tab" key. Otherwise, continue typing.

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How to Enable Smart Compose in Gmail

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