How to Enable or Disable Smart Compose on Gmail

Smart Compose, a feature in Gmail which is powered by machine learning, offers suggestions while composing an email.

This feature is turned on by default in Gmail web version and app (Android).

Let’s see how to use this feature quickly:

Compose your email as usual, and you can see the suggestion. If you want to use it, then press Tab key (if you’re in PC) or swipe (if you’re in Android). Else, continue typing.

Suggestion on Gmail web version
Suggestion on Gmail app

If you don’t like this feature, then you can turn it off and here’s how you can do that on PC and Android:

Turn Off Smart Compose on PC

Sign into your Gmail account.

Hit “Gear” icon and then “Settings.”

Under the “General” section, you can find “Smart Compose.” Beside it, you can see two options – “Writing suggestions on” and “Writing suggestions off.”

Click on “Writing suggestions off.”

Selected Writing suggestions off option

Hit “Save Changes” button at the bottom.

That’s it. All done.

To revert, follow the above steps and instead of selecting “Writing suggestions off,” select “Writing suggestions on.”

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Turn Off Smart Compose on Android

Open Gmail app.

Hit the “Hamburger” icon (three vertical lines) and then “Settings.”

Tap the email account for which you want to disable Smart Compose.

Find the “Smart Compose” option which you can find between “Conversation view” and “Smart Reply.” Hit it.

Disabled Smart Compose

That’s it. All done.

In the future, if you want to enable Smart Compose, follow the above steps.

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