How to Enable Desktop Notifications in Gmail

You can enable notifications in Gmail and here’s how in Gmail web version (PC) and app (Android):

Enable or Disable Gmail Desktop Notifications

Sign in to your Gmail account.

Click on Gear icon > Settings (which you can find above “Themes”).

Now, you’ll be in the “General” tab.

Between “Smart Reply” and “Stars,” you can see “Desktop notifications.” Beside it, you can see these three options.

Selected New mail notifications on

New mail notifications on – you’ll be notified via popup notification about a new email that is reaching your “Primary” tab or Inbox.

Important mail notifications on – you’ll be notified via popup notification only about a new email that is reaching your Inbox which is marked as important.

Mail notifications off – disable the desktop notifications.

Choose any one of the first two options.

Now, hit the “Click here to enable desktop notifications for Gmail” link. In the popup at the top, hit “Allow.”

Click on “Save Changes” button at the bottom.

That’s all. All done.

Here are some important things to note:

Your Gmail account should be opened in a tab to receive notifications. Note that the tab need not be an active tab.

If you want to turn off desktop notifications, select the “Mail notifications off” and then click on “Save Changes” button.

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Enable or Disable Notifications in Gmail App

Whenever you receive a new email in your “Primary” label, you’ll be notified by default.

However, if you want to get notified only for important emails or want to turn off notifications, then follow these steps:

Open the Gmail app.

Tap “Hamburger” icon (three vertical lines) > Settings > Gmail account you prefer > Notifications.

In the popup, choose “High priority only” (if you want to get notified for important emails only) or “None” (if you want to turn off notifications).

Notifications popup

That’s it. All done.

If you want to revert, choose “All” from the popup mentioned above.

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