How to Turn On or Off Geotagging on Android and iPhone

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What is Geotagging

It is a process of adding location information. Your Android and iPhone Camera app have this feature.

If the feature is enabled, then the photos and videos you’ve taken using your Android or iPhone Camera app will have location information.

Below you can find the steps to enable or disable it on Android and iPhone.

How to Turn On or Off Geotagging on Android

Geotagging is turned off on Android by default. Let us see the steps to enable it.

Launch Camera app. Hit the “Gear” icon at the top. Hit the “Save location” option, which you can find under the “Save settings” section.

Now, you may see a pop-up. In it, tap “App Info.” Hit “Permissions.” Enable toggle switch next to the “Location.” Now go back to the “Save location” option, which we see above. Enable it.

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  • The above steps can turn off geotagging too.
  • Here’s an alternate method to disable geotagging – Turn off location completely. Or turn off location permission for the Camera app. Steps are in this guide.

How to Turn On or Off Geotagging on iPhone

Let’s see the steps to turn off geotagging.

Open the Settings app. Tap “Privacy,” which you can find under “Battery.” Hit “Location Services” at the top. Tap “Camera.” Choose “Never.”


  • To enable geotagging, follow the above steps. And choose “While Using the App” instead of “Never.”

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