How to Delete Frequently Contacted Contacts and Groups on WhatsApp

You can see contacts and groups (maximum of 5) on the “Frequently contacted” section of the “Forward to…” screen (you can see this screen when you are forwarding a message).

If you do not want to see anything listed there, then you can delete them.

This one is the concept here: Clear the chat of the particular contact or group that you want to remove and automatically that contact or group will no longer appear in “Frequently contacted” section.

It is a simple task, and you can do it in two minutes. Let’s see how to do this task.

Delete Frequently Contacted Contacts and Groups on WhatsApp


Open a WhatsApp chat, select a message, tap “Forward” icon, and you should be in the “Forward to…” screen now.

First, note it down all the contacts and groups that you want to remove under the “Frequently contacted” section.

Frequently contacted section on WhatsApp

Now, open one of them that you want to remove. Tap Overflow Menu (three vertical dots).

Select More > Clear chat.

More option on WhatsApp
Clear chat option on WhatsApp

Click “Clear” on the confirmation message.

Clear option on confirmation message

That is all. The chat is no longer under the “Frequently contacted” section. Do the above steps for all the remaining conversations that you want to remove.

No Frequently contacted section after clearing all contacts and groups


After you cleared contacts and groups using above steps, you can see them under the “Recent chats” section.

For instance: you opened chat A and went to “Forward to…” screen. You saw B, C, D, E, and F under the “Frequently contacted.” You followed the above steps and removed all of them. However, you need to check that whether A is under “Frequently contacted” section or not. You can only know that when you see “Forward to…” screen from a chat other than A. I hope you got the point. Do this step, find A is listed there or not and then remove it if you want.

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