How to Turn On and Off Flashlight on iPhone

In this post, we’ll see different ways to turn on and off flashlight on the iPhone. Let’s see what those methods are.

Method #1

To turn on: Say, “Hey, Siri.” Now say, “turn on the flashlight.”

Siri command to turn on flashlight

To Turn off: Say, “Hey, Siri.” Now say, “turn off the flashlight.”

Note: If you need to set up and activate Siri, check this guide.

Method #2

To turn on:


  1. Open Control Center (Slide down from the upper right corner of the screen for this).

  2. Hit “Flashlight” icon, which you can find beneath “Screen Mirroring.”

Note: The above steps can turn off the flashlight.

Also, keep in mind that you can do these tasks on the lock screen too.

Long press the “Flashlight” icon in the lock screen and release the hold on it to turn on the flashlight.

The above step can turn it off too.

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