How to Fix Unknown as Phone Number in Android

Do you see “Unknown” as your phone number on Android? Then this post is for you.

You can see “Unknown” in these places:

  • Open the Messages app and click on the three vertical dots at the top right > Settings > Advanced. You will see “Unknown” beneath the “Phone number.”
  • Open the Settings app and click “About phone.” There you will see the “Unknown” beneath the “Phone number.”

I’m using Android 10 here. That said, let’s see the steps to fix “Unknown” as the phone number on Android.

Fix Unknown as Phone Number in Android

Launch the Settings app.

Hit “Network & internet.”

Tap on “SIM cards” between “Airplane mode” and “Hotspot & tethering.”

Hit the SIM card at the top that shows “Unknown.”

Enter your phone number in the “Number” field.

That’s all. Go to the above places, and you’ll see if the problem is solved.