How to Fix Invalid IMEI Error on Android

Invalid IMEI error may occur after a ROM installation or after upgrading Android. This error causes a network problem that doesn’t let you make and receive calls on your handset.

Recently, I got this invalid IMEI error after installing ROM in my Micromax Mobile.

In this post, we’ll see two simple ways to fix invalid IMEI error. Keep in mind that both the methods work on the rooted Android device only. Let’s get started.

Fix Invalid IMEI Error on Android

Method #1

You need to have the backup of your IMEI number to follow this method and make sure you have the IMEI backup in the root directory of the storage.

With that said, let’s see the steps to fix invalid IMEI:

Install and open the “Mobileuncle Tools” app (The app isn’t available in the Play Store. But it is still available in other stores).

Click on the “IMEI Backup Restore (MTK)” option.

Now, you can see four options and the last two options are for the IMEI restoration task.

Restore IMEI from SDCARD(MTK) – If your IMEI backup is in the internal storage, you need to use this option.

Restore IMEI from SDCARD2(MTK) – If your backup is on the SD card, then you need to use this option.

Method #2

For this method, you need to know the IMEI numbers of your handset. 

Dialing *#06# doesn’t show the IMEI numbers now. Instead, it’ll show the error like this:

invalid imei error

So, I suggest you check out this article (look at “Remove Battery” and “Your Device is Lost or Stolen” section in that article) to find IMEI numbers and note it down.

Now install and open the “Mobileuncle Tools” app and open it.

Select “Engineer mode.” Tap “Engineer mode (MTK).” Navigate to connectivity tab > CDS information > radio information > Phone 1

At the top, you’ll see the AT+. Beside the AT+, type the following command:


Within double quotes, type your IMEI number. Press the “SEND AT COMMAND” button. You’ll see a message like this “AT command is mSent.”

Now reboot the phone.

You’ll see the first sim is working. If you have a dual SIM mobile, you need to use the same procedure for the second sim.

Go to “Phone 2.” Beside the AT+, type the following command in the input field:


Remember, you need to use the second IMEI number in the input field and press the “SEND AT COMMAND” button.

After you were done, reboot the device.