How to Fingerprint Lock Android Apps

You can secure android apps with the pin or pattern feature. But, the pin or pattern can be identifiable by others and they may use it to access your apps. The fingerprint lock provides more security than other methods.

By using this feature on your android, you can make sure that others can’t access your sensitive apps. The latest models phones come with the biometrics feature.

However, we can also have the same fingerprint security in our android phones too. An android app called, fingerprint lock (real) helps us to lock android apps with fingerprint without fingerprint scanner.

This app uses the rear camera of android as the fingerprint scanner. By using this app, you can lock the android apps with your fingerprint. Let’s check it out the steps to lock apps with a fingerprint.


unfortunately, the app isn’t found in the play store now. However, the app is still available in other app stores.

Steps to Lock Android Apps with Fingerprint

  • Install and open the app.
  • Now, you’ve to setup your fingerprint. To do that, click on the fingerprint enroll option.
  • Choose the finger you want to use for fingerprint lock/unlock purpose. Hold the finger (7cm-10cm) away from the camera and the app will scan your fingerprint for seven times.
  • Once the verification match confirmed, click on use this fingerprint button to proceed.
  • In the fingerprint lock app, click on the lock apps. It’ll list apps in your android.
  • Now, enable the fingerprint app lock in the accessibility option (settings > accessibility).

fingerprint lock accessibility option

  • In this instance, I’m selecting the file manager to lock. Click on the lock option to lock the app with the fingerprint.

lock android apps with fingerprint

From now on, when you open the file manager, the finger print lock app will prompt you to show your finger. And, if the fingerprint matches, the app will open.

fingerprint lock

You can also set the pattern or pin to lock the apps. Click on the settings option to explore more options in the app.

I hope that the information in this post helps you to the lock android apps with the fingerprint. If you’ve any queries, let me know in the comments section. If you like the information in this post, please share this post with your friends on twitter, facebook, and Google plus.

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Are you using the fingerprint lock android app to lock android apps? How’s your experience with the app? Let me know in the comments.

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