How to Find Your Phone Number on Android

Finding out your phone number is a simple task. Let’s see how to do it on Android.

Find Your Phone Number on Android

Method #1

You can call or text from your phone to another phone number in your other device.

Alternatively, you can ask your phone number with your friends or family members.

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Method #2

Open Settings.

Tap System > About phone > Status > SIM status.

Now, navigate to the mobile network operator you prefer.

Find “My phone number.”

Now, you can see your mobile number.

My phone number


There is a chance that you may see “Unknown” instead of your phone number.


If you can’t find the options mentioned above in your device, then thoroughly go through the “Settings” app, and you can find those somewhere in it.

Alternatively, you can open the “Messages” app.

Hit the “Settings” which you can find beneath “Enable dark mode.”

Now, you can see the phone number.

Note that there is a chance that you may see “Unknown number” here.

Showing phone number and Unknown number

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Method #3

If you’ve added the phone number you forget as the recovery phone number in your Gmail account, then you can find it with the below steps:

Open Settings.

Hit “Users & accounts.”

Tap the Google account which has the mobile number you forgot as the recovery phone number.

Tap “Google Account.”

Navigate to “Personal info.”

Under “Contact info,” you can see your phone number.

Phone number is showing


If you’ve added your phone number with the shopping sites such as Amazon and Flipkart, then you can find your mobile number within those accounts too.

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Method #4

The following are the mobile network operators USSD code for finding own mobile number. You can use the one depending upon your mobile network operator.

BSNL – *555#

Airtel – *121*9#

Vodafone – *111*2#

For Jio, call 1299.


In case, if you forget your phone number frequently, then you can add your phone number (after you find it out) as a contact (with your name as a contact name) on your device which is an easy way to get back to it if you forget.

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