How to Find Your Device is MediaTek (MTK) or Not

Sometimes, you need to know your device chipset to take action on your device. This post is an example for that.

In this post, we will see two different ways to find your device is MediaTek (MTK) or not. Let's get started.

Find Your Device is MediaTek Device or Not



  • Go to GSMArena site.
  • Tap search icon.
  • Input your device model in the search field and you can see the results below.
  • Tap your device.
  • Now you are on the specification page of your device.
  • Scroll down until you see the Platform section.
  • See the Chipset field. If you see the MediaTek, then your device is MediaTek device. Otherwise, it is not.

In case, GSMArena doesn't have the specifications of your device, then just do a Google search for your device specifications.


Install and open the CPU-Z app. This app makes this task easier.

You can see the SOC tab by default. At the top, you can see your device's chipset.

If it is a MediaTek device, you'll see the MediaTek at the top. Check it out the below screenshot of the MediaTek device:

Alternatively, you can find out this information using Mobileuncle Tools app. If you are a Mobileuncle Tools user, then here are the steps for you.

  • Open Mobileuncle Tools app.
  • Tap Device Info option.
  • Under CPU section, see the Hardware field.
  • If the hardware information starts with MT, then your device is a MediaTek (MTK) device. Otherwise, it is not.

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How to Find Your Device is MediaTek (MTK) or Not

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