How to Find IMEI Number of Lost Android Phone

IMEI is unique for every android device. It helps us to block the device when it is lost. To take further actions about your lost android, the IMEI number would be needed.

It’s always better to note the IMEI number in the safe place (you can find IMEI number on phone by dialing *#06# in the phone dialer. Alternatively, you can find the IMEI number by going to settings >about phone > status >IMEI information. Also, there are many apps available in the play store to check IMEI numbers).

Also, you can take the backup of the IMEI number which comes handy in many situations. To find IMEI number of the lost android device, you can use this simple method. Let’s check it out the steps to find IMEI.

Steps to Find IMEI Number of Lost Android Phone

Our android devices can be associated with the Gmail account. This method only works if you’ve added your Gmail account to the android phone.

  • Sign in with your google account (which is associated with lost android).
  • In the google dashboard, click on the android option.

how to Find IMEI Number

  • Now, you’ll see the IMEI of the lost android phone.

That’s it. Note it down and take further actions needed.

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