How to Find First Tweet on Twitter?

You can find the first tweet of yours or others. Let’s see the steps to do this task on the Twitter web version (the steps are the same for the Twitter app (Android and iPhone)).


  1. Go to the profile of yours or someone whose first tweet you like to find.
  2. Note down their Twitter handle and profile created month and year (see below screenshot).
Twitter account handle and created month and year
  1. Now, in the Twitter search box, you need to search like this one: (from:Technologyhint) until:2015-09-01 since:2015-08-01
  2. This search shows all the tweets posted by Technologyhint in August. You need to change the above search, as per the profile you’ve chosen.
  3. For instance: your selected profile’s Twitter handle is example80 and created in January 2015; then you need to search like this: (from:example80) until:2015-02-01 since:2015-01-01
  4. This one will show all the tweets posted by example80 in January. I hope you got the point.
  5. That’s all. Use the search like said above, and you can see that profile’s first tweet.
Search results showing first tweet

Here are some important things to note:

  • If the above steps don’t offer any results, then it means that the profile owner doesn’t tweet on that interval or has deleted the old tweets. Here, change the since and until in the search, and you can find the first tweet.
  • Remember that if a profile owner has deleted his first tweet, then that profile’s oldest tweet will be shown as the first tweet.