How to Find First Tweet of Any Twitter User

Have you ever want to find the first tweet of yours? Do you want to find the first tweet of _____ (fill the gap with the name you want)?

If your answer is yes, then this guide is for you.

It is a simple task, and you can do it without any third-party tools. Without further ado, let’s see the steps to do this task.

Find First Tweet of Yours or Others


​Go to the profile of yours or others whose first tweet you want to find.

In the left side of the profile, you can see the Month and Year when the profile is created. Note it down. In this instance, I want to find the first tweet of Technology Hint and ​our profile is created in August 2015.

Month and Year showing on Twitter Profile

​Now, visit the “Twitter Advanced Search.”

You need to fill the information into these two fields only – “From these accounts” and “From this date.”

Fill the Twitter handle in the “From these accounts” field (see above screenshot if you need help with finding the Twitter handle).

Fill the “From” and “To” dates.

In the “From this date” field, I suggest you to put the first day of the month when the profile is created. In our instance, it is August 1, 2015. In the “To” field, I suggest you to set the first day of the next month. In our instance, it is September 1, 2015.

These setting will bring all the tweets that are posted by @Technologyhint from August 1, 2015, to ​August 31, 2015.

Now, click on the “Search” button.

Search button on Twitter Advanced Search

​That is all. All done. 

Now, you can see all the tweets of the profile between the duration you specified. Scroll down to the bottom (if needed), and you can find that profile’s first tweet.

First tweet of Technology Hint

Here is are few ​vital things to note:

​If the above method does not offer any results, then it means that the profile owner has deleted the old tweets or does not tweet ​on that interval. In that case, try to change the input in the “To” date field, and you will see the first tweet.

​I have deleted all the tweets from my account (@Techtraj). Then, I have started to tweet again from the same account. In this case, the ​above method ​shows the first tweet that I have posted after deletion as the first tweet of my account. The same is the result for any Twitter user who has deleted all tweets.

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