How to Add a File or Folder Shortcut to Android Home Screen

You can add a file or folder shortcut to your Android home screen at any time you want by using the inbuilt file manager (the file manager that comes with your device) or third-party file manager.

Let’s see how to do this task using both the file managers (in this instance, I am using Lyf Wind 7i).

Add a File or Folder Shortcut to Android Home Screen

Using Inbuilt File Manager

Open the file manager.

Find the file or folder you want.

Long press it, and you can see options.

Tap “Add shortcut” option.

Add shortcut option

That is all. You can see the shortcut on the home screen now.

Shortcut of a file on home screen


Keep in mind that the above steps or option name may vary on your Android device.

Also, note that not all the inbuilt file manager has the option to add a shortcut. In case, if your device does not have the option, then go on with the third-party file manager.

To remove the shortcut, long press it and you can see “Remove” option. Drag and drop it on the “Remove” option. That is all. Removing shortcut will not delete the original file or folder.

Using Third-Party File Manager

Install and open ES File Explorer File Manager.

Find a file or folder for which you want a shortcut on home screen. Select it by long pressing it.

Tap Overflow Menu (three vertical dots) at the bottom, and you can see options.

Find and tap “Add to desktop” option.

Add to desktop option

That is all. Now, you can see the shortcut on the home screen.

Shortcut of a folder on home screen

If you want to remove a shortcut, then check out the steps in the above “Notes” section.

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