How to Open File Explorer in Windows 10 (and More)

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How to Open File Explorer in Windows 10

Method #1

Click on the Folder icon in the taskbar.

Method #2

Press Windows and E keys together to open the File Explorer.

Method #3

Open the Start menu and click on the “Windows System” folder, which you will find under “Windows Security.”

Click “File Explorer,” which you will find between “Control Panel” and “Run.”

Method #4

Open the Start menu. Type file. You can now view the File Explorer app in the search results. Click on it.

Method #5

explorer command can open File Explorer in Windows 10, and you can use this command in the following programs:

Method #6

Open the Power user menu (To do this: right-click on the Start button or press Windows and X keys simultaneously).

Click on “File Explorer,” which you can find between “Settings” and “Search.”

Method #7

Go to the C: > Windows folder and double-click on the “explorer” file.

How to Restart File Explorer in Windows 10

Method #1

Open the Task Manager. You are in the Processes tab.

Note: If you do not see any tabs, click “More details” in the Task Manager. You can now see the Processes tab of the Task Manager.

Right-click on “Windows Explorer.”

In the context menu, click on the “Restart” option which you will find above the “End task” option.

Method #2

Press Ctrl and Shift at the same time and right-click on the taskbar.

In the context menu, you will see the “Exit Explorer” option, which you can find under the Taskbar settings.

Click on it and you will see the empty desktop.

Press Ctrl, Shift and Escape keys simultaneously and you will see “Task Manager.”

In the Task Manager, click File > Run new task option.

In the “Create new task” box, type explorer, and then press the “Enter” key.

You can now see your desktop.

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