A Guide on Facebook Snooze (2020)

In this post, we’ll see:

What is Facebook’s Snooze

It is a feature that lets you stop the updates from a specific person, page, or group from appearing on your News Feed for 30 days.

As you can see, this is temporary. After 30 days, the updates will appear on your News Feed as usual.

How to Snooze Someone on Facebook

Here, we’ll see the steps to snooze a profile or page. Remember that the below steps apply to the Facebook web version (PC) and the Facebook app (Android and iPhone).

  1. Go to your News Feed and find the post of the person or page that you want to snooze.
  2. Once you find it, hit the three horizontal dots at the top right corner of the post.
  3. Hit on Snooze X for 30 days. The X is the name of the person or page.

How to Turn Off Facebook Snooze

Here, we’ll see two unique methods to turn off snooze for a snoozed profile or page.

Method #1

After you snooze, you can see a notification with the Undo button. Hit on it to undo snooze.

Method #2

  1. Go to the snoozed person’s profile or page.
  2. If you’re on PC, hover the mouse over the Snoozed button. If you’re on Android, hit the Snoozed option. If you’re on iPhone, hit the three horizontal dots.
  3. Hit on the End snooze option if you’re on PC or Android. If you’re on iPhone, hit the Snoozed option and then hit End snooze.

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